At CES, we believe that our success will only follow the success of our clients and licensees. We partner with our clients to provide creative and cost effective environmental solutions using unique electrical techniques. Our services range from turnkey remediation projects, to technology licensing, training, and equipment manufacture.

Today, CES brings decades of ERH experience and a track record of success to every site evaluation and remediation we perform. Our technical know-how and ability to enable clients to close difficult sites is unparalleled in the thermal remediation industry.

Free Site Evaluations

CES provides a proprietary site evaluation form that identifies the critical parameters required to quickly evaluate and predict the cost and performance of ERH for any particular site.

Labratory Testing

We perform a wide range of testing services to evaluate treatibility, soil dynamic electrical properties, and in-situ degradation rates. We also have strategic alliances with some of the nations' leading universities to offer world class laboratory and experimental capabilities associated with DNAPL fate and transport.

SETI™ Site Electrical Testing

A comprehensive on-site electrical resistance evaluation that identifies critical site electrical characteristics and design parameters for ERH remediation and safety sub-systems.

Equipment Manufacture

CES designs, manufactures, and sells or leases the specialty poly-phase subsurface heating equipment including systems for power delivery, steam and vapor recovery, and air and water treatment. CES has successfully designed and manufactured power supply units to European electric code. These unit(s) have been independently tested and certified by KEMA, the Dutch equivalent of UL Laboratories.

Numerical Modeling

CES developed and continues to refine an advanced 4D model and algorithms which evaluates geophysical and contaminant attributes on a site by site basis. The output parameters drive our ERH design and optimize operational and budgetary planning. We offer several well-validated numeric codes capable of modeling vapor flows, vapor composition, electric power distribution, heat transfer, and other critical ERH parameters.

Technology partnerships

Services range from turnkey remediation to licensing and overseeing the technology deployment. We can license the technology either on a site-by-site or permanent basis. CES also provides specialized equipment and technical support to help our licensees achieve success.