Our Team


TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR: William Heath (VP, Chief Operating Officer, CES)

Bill is widely recognized worldwide as the primary inventor and world’s leading expert in the development and application of the Electric Resistance Heating (ERH) technology and the application of subsurface electrical fields. Formerly with the Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI), Bill was the principle inventor (named on patents) and developer of the Six-Phase heating (SPH) and ERH technologies, which started as small research project in 1989. This grew into a multi-million dollar, multidisciplinary DOE R&D program that Bill managed, called ERACE (Electrical Remediation At Contaminated Environments). The program successfully developed and demonstrated four new technologies including ERH for treating organic contaminants in air, water, and soil. With over 29 years of experience as a research & development engineer, Bill manages the design and technical site specific applications of ERH for CES.

Mr. Heath develops and designs all of the new generation power supplies, output transformers, process treatment systems as well as all the numerical modeling and equipment operating software. In addition, Bill developed CES’s laboratory capabilities and procedures to evaluate media treatability, electrical soil properties, and investigate thermally accelerated in situ contaminant degradation processes. He developed the Site Evaluation Test Instrument (SETI) that CES uses to establish electrical characterization and safety systems for ERH, and he continues to advance the state of the art and fundamental understanding of the ERH technology and thermal treatment systems.

PRINCIPAL-IN-CHARGE: Joe Pezzullo, P.E. (Principal, President, CES)

Mr. Pezzullo has served as president of CES since November, 2000. Previously, Joe was a vice president at Terra Vac Corp since 1987. At Terra Vac, he served as the Supervising Engineer, Regional and International Operations Manager, and as the Technology Development and Training Coordinator. Mr. Pezzullo has over 27 years of civil and geophysical engineering experience. Joe is a graduate of Princeton University with degrees in both Civil Engineering and Geological Engineering. He began his professional career in the oil field as a field Geophysicist with Schlumberger Overseas Well Services in the North Sea, Africa, and Northern Europe. He taught courses in Practical Field Petroleum Engineering and Petrophysics at the University of Alaska and the Imperial College of London. Joe expanded Terra Vac’s and now CES’s worldwide operations to Japan, United Kingdom, Benelux countries, France, and Eastern Europe. Joe resides in Canyon Lake, Texas (headquarters of CES) and oversee all aspects of CES projects including financial and technical aspects.

SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER: Jim Malot, P.E. (Principal, CES)

Jim is one of the most recognized professionals and DNAPL experts in the world. Jim is a graduate of Princeton University, with degrees in both Civil Engineering and Geological Engineering. Jim is well known throughout the world as the original inventor of SVE and DPE in 1984. In 1986, he founded Terra Vac, and in 1987, Terra Vac was the first company in the world to demonstrate in-situ SVE/DPE to EPA under the auspices of the Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program. Terra Vac and Battelle formed CES in 1997. Before Jim’s SVE/DPE inventions, excavation was the main technology available. Since that time, it is quite well known that SVE and DPE have become the most widely utilized technologies in the world for in-situ remediation. Jim is also an experienced Professional Witness. He has testified on behalf of clients numerous times throughout his career.